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Information Technology Service Unit

Information Technology Service Unit

The aim of this project is to activate the Information Technology Services at the college level to serve the educational process and members of the teaching staff , students and workers, through the establishment of a unit of information technology (Information Technology Unit) perform the following tasks:

the operation and maintenance of the information network.

Update software and devices.

the maintenance of computers and printers.

The activation email service for students and members of the teaching staff.

Follow-up to the technical use of the network and providing technical support to all users.

periodic update the overall site on the Internet.

providing wireless networks Internet  in open places at college be available for students and members of the teaching staff.

Replace the original licenses to the operating systems and software business desktops (Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office), which currently available through contracting by the Supreme Council for universities with Microsoft Corporation.

Replace the programs of protection against viruses that provided by the project for the development of information systems and technology ICTP.

Training of the Staff College , members of the teaching staff of the information and communication technology by the Training Center of the ICTP University.

provide points of additional networks College

resolve all faults in the devices , networks and coordination with the information network of the university , center of management information systems , e-learning project , the mechanization of libraries and the draft Training. Read chime dictionary words

Substantive support to the users and beneficiaries, in particular:

draft applications of management information systems (MIS)

draft mechanization libraries

draft e-learning

the infrastructure project information network


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