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Education and Student Affairs Sector

Students care administration

Education represents one of the key elements that grows by the community in the face of internal and external challenges because he take care of building human and elevate it culturally by providing it with assets of knowledge and the development of high-end values ​​and given the university burden the largest in this role because of its preparation and the upbringing of young people and enable them to perform their role in the work and production in all areas of life where the university is always trying to keep up with the times they are in a race to pursue all that is new in all cultural, artistic and sports fields and to prepare capable generation to keep up with modern and capable of giving and sharing is the youth Welfare one of the doors through which you can university development variables her children all-round physical, psychological and social terms that young people in the university stage, representing the creative energies and strengths on which to base the community in building the political, economic and social receptor therefore the state tended to create special departments under the auspices of students the university in order to prepare them to be responsible citizens is important because youth care where they deal with elite members of the society who are being groomed and prepare them to lead the community in the future as they are more advanced youth groups in the scientific and cultural aspects, where the youth Welfare is working to provide integrated growth opportunities and improve the standard of psychological, social and physical for this category through sports, social and cultural activities and artistic selected with a focus on support spiritual and behavioral values ​​and regulating the investment vacuum and creative energy among children and youth a time when young people take care of the university is responsible for satisfying hobbies students through various student activities through the various committees under the auspices of the youth entrusted with the organization of student activity (sports  - unions - a cultural - ........) to more experiences of young people in all human fields through diversity practitioner activity.