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Education and Student Affairs Sector

Vice Dean of the education sector and Student Affairs

Our hopes hanging on their revolt against ignorance legitimate science and positivism opportunity is now after the blessed revolution is favorable to make the effort to seek knowledge for you will be the nucleus of a community when we all enjoy the benefit of security, safety and life of comfort away from the cronyism and mediation.
They call pure and honest to change your lifestyle to the path of science and work hard for good familiarity commercial science in the fields of accounting, management, economics and others that you may be one of the original pillars in the fight against financial corruption, administrative and economic when it comes time s destination of the responsibilities of the various work sites.
And we ask God to grant you success and we are with you to what is good for our beloved Egypt and other Arab Islamic nation
Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs
 Dr. / Yasser Ibrahem dawod