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Conditions for conversion

Conditions for conversion

First, the student must take into account the general rules before advancing to the Central Bureau of conversion
- That holds a minimum which is accepted by the college to be conversion to "the previous years for the newcomers"
- That conform to the requirements of geographical distribution
Second, convert and transfer under new students:
- Back to the Coordination Office or by electronic transfer after the start to allow the conversion period which are declared office
Third: converting the difference Supreme students:
The conversion and transfer of registration with the consent of the Council of the kidneys as follows: -
- The student must have a successful band and transmitted to the Supreme
- To be a transfer between colleges centrally symmetric
- Conversion ratio does not exceed 20% of the total successful students transferred to the upper band
* There may precipitate student transfer in more than half of the band material transferred to it
* Do not accept students may transfer requests a month after the start of the study
* Fourth, accept the dismissed students from other faculties:
* May be admitted under re-student college to be a total student not less than the minimum which is accepted by the college years to get a high school or a year in which the student progresses, "which is better"
* Do not accept under may be admitted student is separated from any other similar entirely on the level of the Republic.
* Fifth:
We shall not accept the dismissed students from Al-Azhar University and the unprecedented public Butanuep Azhar. Only after the total equation secondary Azhar by the university administration.

* The terms of the conversion of others debate for colleges
- For high school students Egyptian secondary and technical certificates (three and five-year program) and certification equation (Arab and foreign).

The student, who has been nominated in the coordination process of the College of the outside or inside his area geography (a) transfer to non-college debate in the geographical area (a) only provided that the need for the following:

• Students get a minimum total score, which was accepted by the required conversion to college (regularity - affiliation prompt).

• A free place college student who wants to transfer them within the established places for each certificate of certificates equation (Arab and Alognih) apart.

• Fulfilling the rest of the student admissions rules required conversion to such success in college aptitude tests, if any, and such technical colleges that accept the certificates.

For example, so called by the Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University geography and its region (A) is the Western province can apply to transfer to the College is the College of Engineering (such as science - Arts - trade, etc.) in Tanta University, where Tanta University in the geographical scale is (a) in accordance with to arrange student among students who wish to transfer.