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The disciplinary punishments

Discipline students enrolled and students affiliated system and licensed to perform the exam from abroad and listeners are subject to the disciplinary system described below. The disciplinary offense every breach of laws and regulations and university traditions in particular. Business against the college or university system installations.
Disable study or incite or mastermind refrain from attending classes, lectures and other academic and business regulations which require attendance on them. Every act incompatible with the honor and dignity or in breach of good behavior inside or outside the university. Each breach of the exam system or the necessary calm to him and all cheating in exam or attempted it. All the damage to the facilities and devices, materials or textbooks or squandered. Each organization associations within the university or to subscribe to without prior authorization from the competent university authorities.
Distributing leaflets or issue wall newspapers in any form colleges or collect signatures without prior authorization from the competent university authorities. 9. sit inside university buildings or subscribe contrary to public order or morality demonstrations. Article 125 - each student commits fraud in a test or an attempt at controlling it and wear the case helmed by Dean or on behalf of the examination committee and denied entry exam in the rest of the material in the student fails in all this exam is and shall be referred to the Disciplinary Board. 11. In other cases, it stops the exam decision of the Disciplinary Board or the College Board and arranges attic invalidity degree if they have been awarded to students before they discover the fraud.
Disciplinary sanctions are alarm verbally or in writing.
Denial of some student services.
Denial of a course attend classes for a period not exceeding one month. Dismissal from the college for a period not exceeding one month. Denial of the exam in a course or more. Stop being a student for a master's degree or doctorate for a period not exceeding two months or for a semester.
The abolition of student exam in a course or more.
Chapter of the College for a period not exceeding classrooms.
Denial of the exam in one semester or more.
Student denial of registration for the Master's or doctoral study duration or more season. Dismissal from the college for more than a semester.
The final chapter of the university and of the dismissal decision to the other universities and arranges it not for the student is in progress or the validity of the exams to universities in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
And it may be ordered to declare the decision of the disciplinary punishment within the college and the decision must be communicated to the Crown Talbothfez decisions of the disciplinary sanctions except oral alarm in the student's file command.
The University Council to reconsider the decision of the final separation after at least three years from the date of issuance of the decision.
The competent bodies for imposing penalties are:
Professors and Assistant Professors: They have signed the first four penalties built in the previous article is what the students during the lessons and lectures of various scholarly activities.
Dean of the College: has the signature of the first eight penalties built in the previous article, in the case forced the occurrence Pat or disorganization causes him or fear him irregularity of the study or the exam have the Dean of the College All-based penalties in the previous article, the signing of the command displays within two weeks from the date of punishment of the Disciplinary board if the penalty is the ultimate dismissal from the university, and the university president to me other sanctions, and to consider the support of the punishment or canceled or modified.
Rector: It has all the built-up sanctions in the previous article except the last sentence signing, after taking the opinion of the faculty dean, and may prevent the student assigned to the disciplinary board from entering places of the university until the day of the trial.

Disciplinary Board: It has all penalties signature.