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The marketing team doing an ad campaign on how to apply for university mail cities; where they suspend ads with Link electronic presentation and how to access it and register it as the team to answer all questions and queries of students about electronic presentation for university cities.


Help students score in a week the girls universities and they have the skills and cultural information entry on the following link to fill in their data

Action ads for students for the prevention of virus C, where Vamt visit the college to take the blood of the students sampled under the auspices of Dr. / Amal Abdulaziz  Research Institute of Environmental Affairs and Dr. / Shaden Muawiya under the auspices and supervision of Dr. / Osama rabeaie  and Vice Dean for Environmental Affairs and the professor Mahmoud El Sayed Gad allah  (specialist at the Institute for research)

Professor / Wafaa Fathy el bana (specialist at the Institute for Research).

Folk training project on Sunday, March 26, 2016 to hold a special exam online training course ICTP from the central unit of the train, on the Access database software, by the number of 25 students.
The course aims to spread the knowledge of technology and the use of computers, and the development of students' abilities to use modern information and communication technology.

University Sadat City hosted the tariff workshop Banque Egyptian knowledge and organized by the University of Sadat City Hall 2 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Wednesday, March 23, 2016 entitled "tariff session on Egyptian knowledge bank", under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Salah Belal -rias university - and the Council Specialist Education and scientific research of the presidency and the Ministry of Higher Education.
And opened tariff workshop Prof. Dr. / Salah Belal - president of the university - in the presence of Prof. Dr. / Essam El-Din Metwally - deputy heads for Education and students - and Prof. Dr. / Rifai Ibrahim Rifai - deputy heads the university sector Graduate Studies and Research - and Prof. Dr. / Hisham Sabbagh - Director Executive Information university - and Dr / Sameh Rashidi - University digital Library manager.
Deans of colleges and institutes have the honor of the workshop attendees, headed by Prof. / Manal Masoud - Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Mr. Prof. Dr. / Hassanein Taha - Dean of the Faculty of Commerce, Mr. Prof. Dr. / Mubarak Hassani - dean of the Institute of Environmental Studies and Research, and Prof. Dr. / Labib Abdul Aziz - based work Dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, as well as many of the following faculty and staff members of the university and students.
And symposium aims to spread awareness and knowledge among the members of the Egyptian people and improve education and training for faculty, researchers and students members of the quality of how the registry on the use of Egyptian knowledge bank site, including addition the latest in engineering science from the discoveries of the largest international publishing houses and most prestigious research associations where the site contains thousands of specialized scientific journals in addition to the hundreds of thousands of books and public references as well as data and research tools specialized rules.
He was a professor / Mohammed Hassan Jad Allah - Advisory Unit Digital Library Supreme Council of Universities -mhadharh identifiable location and that Gateway provides all the sources of information in all disciplines that serve researchers, students and the reader the average citizen, and aims Egyptian knowledge bank to the community learns and builds and innovates.
Eating professor / Hassan decimal Ahmed - from the Digital Library Supreme Council of Universities - and professor / Mohammed Al-Awadi - representative Lims company agent publishers and official training -trivh registry on the knowledge of the bank, where they are recording from just inside the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the registration is for students and the general reader and children from anywhere in Egypt, while the need for researchers to do to register on the internet own campus in the first time and is renewed on the internet own campus once every 90 days until Aatdna capita researcher class to the general reader category.
He also pointed professor / Hassan hex to that registration is through the national number and can work a special account for the child from the researcher calculated and registration the first time from inside the Internet own campus, is scheduled to organize a training course on the Egyptian knowledge of the Bank in the coming period

February 7 held on Sunday, 2016 students of the Faculty of Commerce and the Faculty of Physical Education at the University's exam Sadat City ICTP training course, and on the IT program. On the internet

The exam includes 36 questions MCQ system is providing the central unit for the training of the Supreme Council of Universities.

The aim of the session, which drew her testimony "ICDL certificate" to spread the knowledge of technology and the use of computers, and the development of students' abilities to use modern information and communication technology

A meeting was held team meetings ISO Bekaa Faculty of Commerce to discuss the application phase, which includes: - Anchor

Refined models (the application is out)

The model used in the typical file implemented by the code

(Logo - code - Tksaam table)

It was the start of the process of activation in the departments within the college

The meeting was attended by both: -

D / Yasser Daoud

D / Ezzat

D / Abdulsalam