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Education and Student Affairs Sector

Studying affairs

The Open Learning study system as the required internal regulations of Faculties

The study depends on:

  • Scientific periodical sessions between students and professors of courses

  • The study system subjected to the required internal regulations of Faculties

  • The curriculums are subjected to the level of study according to the internal regulation of the Faculty, while students able to choose their courses.

  • The period of study divided to 4 levels, 15 weeks for each one.

  • Each level divided to two semesters, while the faculty have the right to extend a summer semester if needed.

  • The student able to register in higher level course, even he failed in the lower courses, but succeeded in the prerequisite course he needed.

  • The student study in each semester 3 courses at least, not more than 6 courses, except the summer term will be not more 3 courses.

Preparing the study plan

  • The Faculty prepare its study plan.

  • The department of Education and student affairs received and collect the proposals.

  • The plan reviewed and approved by the Faculty council, and signed by the dean of the Faculty.

Study plan forms

  • Form 1, includes the curriculums by levels, allocated subjected to the internal regulation of the Faculty.

  • Form 2, includes the teaching staff in each department with details

  • Form 3, adding and modify the study plan.