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Community service sector and Environmental Affairs

Speech by Mr. Prof. Dr. / Vice-Dean For Community Service and Environmental Development

From the keenness of the state with all its institutions to develop and activate societal role of educational institutions, and also the University of Sadat City's keenness to serve the community and raise awareness of various social and environmental issues and the need to preserve the environment and development affairs sector is interested in community service and development environment altogether formulate the general policy and the preparation of plans that achieve top scorer desired, which came after a study of the needs of the community, whether internal or external to the College, as the sector is keen on a permanent and continuous communication with all bodies and institutions and members of the community and strengthen Maihtajonh of courses, seminars, and consulting and convoys and scientific conferences that satisfy those needs and a way that satisfies all parties and the relevant authorities for their college of services in the field of community service and development environment

As the community service issues and development of the environment is one of the cornerstones of the vision and mission of the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Sadat City, which crystallized in achieving leadership in the field of communication and interaction and influence in the surrounding community in all its corners and its components, and work to raise awareness of the need to preserve the environment, the Faculty of Commerce harness the full scientific potential The process and material to serve all sectors of the community and provide a helping hand in order to achieve development and growth and development.

We seek to be active and influential partners in the community and the surrounding environment and the house of the experience.

In the end, we ask God Almighty to guide us to what pleases and what will help us to fulfill our duty towards our beloved country to become our country's kiss and a beacon of knowledge and successful work.