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The Business Administration Program in the Faculty of Commerce is committed to the University of Sadat City to implement an advanced scientific curriculum in management and marketing to prepare a qualified graduate to meet the requirements of the local labor market and to conduct research and serve the community. .

Business Administration Program One of the programs at the Faculty of Commerce Sadat City University is a local and regional leader in the field of administrative sciences.


Development Capacity of faculty members and their assistants, including contributing to the provision Business Administration Program to achieve pioneer locally and globally unique in the field of commercial science.

Develop students' skills for keeping pace with changes in the economic and social environment and informatics.

Support applied research to serve the community's issues for achieving the prosperity of the environment.

Effective partnership with businesses, research Institutions development locally and globally. 

The continued development of the program content (courses).

Commitment to ethics, University values and activate the rules of accountability





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