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the students

Conditions for accepting students university cities

General Terms and checks accepted halls are as follows: -
To be an Egyptian student.
To have students attending bachelor's or bachelor's departments at the University of Sadat City.
The student or the student not to be married.
To be a successful student and transmitted without repetition materials.
It should not have been signed by the penalty of deprivation of staying for a separate or connected, or any disciplinary sanctions from the unrestrained by the College Week.
Not to be the previous financial benefits for university cities.
It should not have ended his stay in the university cities the previous year administratively.
Student age does not exceed the first in October of each year for: -
For students university freshmen (20) in a secondary public and their equivalents.
For students university freshmen (22) in a qualified above average.
For students old university (25) and college students in which the duration of the study (4) years and is increasing year to students of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
Ending the residence halls
In the case of the desire of the student left the city and end his stay by him to apply to the Housing Specialist explaining the schedule for the legacy of the city before the end of the stay.
The student before the completion of the evacuation twinkling delivery of the contents of his room for a worker of the building according to the model prepared for that and deliver this form and residence card for a specialist housing in charge of the building in preparation for the settlement of their dues after the deduction of the deficit and the damaged personal custody and shared, as well as the value of a residence card in the case of non-delivery.
Ends student's residency without having to alert in case of his absence without permission.
Connected for a week or ten days at intervals during one month.
Or in the case of imposing a sentence of the final chapter of the city or restricted by the College.
If a student did not deliver his charge within one week from the end of the final exam or the end of the project or training ends residence administratively.
 Deduct the debts of student peer-loss or destruction of the insurance value and if it exceeds the value of the insurance did not pay the outstanding student of the treasury city demanding parent or guarantor college and notify to book the student in the final examination result and reservation on personal Malqath until repayment and bears correspondence value.
If there are empty units university cities places may accept a petition for the establishment of a student again, provided that the termination of bare be based on his desire during the same academic year.
 Held accountable for student accommodation fees from the date of approval of Mr. / general manager of university cities to be held accountable for the months and did not reside in an acceptable excuse from the city administration and with the consent of Mr. / general director of university cities.