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unit goals

Raising the efficiency of graduates and prepare them for the labor market by making specialized training programs at the request of graduates or the relevant employers.
Preparation of data for companies, institutions and research centers that can graduate college that works out according to his specialty and the preparation of a guide to graduate this base.
The establishment of an annual Forum employs to allow job opportunities for graduates and invite relevant recruiters.
Follow-up of graduates in the workplace through:
Work data for graduates and their places of work and contribute to the solution of their problems base.
Linking college graduates through continuous invited to participate in scientific and social occasions college.
Work to provide scholarships for graduates to study master's and doctoral degrees and diplomas in collaboration with the college recruiters they work to qualify them to solve problems in these specialized agencies.
Invite alumni who occupy senior positions to contribute to the alumni support through
Assist in the recruitment and training of graduates.
Contribute to graduate training and support for small projects for graduates.
 Study the phenomenon of unemployment among graduates and how to overcome them to propose some training programs for students within the college to qualify graduates for the labor market.