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The Board of Management unit

The organizational structure of the unity of the follow-up of graduates: - consists
1. The head of the unit:
Prof. Dr. Dean of the College
Terms of reference of head of the unit:
- The adoption of policies and plans that will achieve the objectives of the unit.
- The adoption of internal rules to regulate the work of the Unit.
- Contact partners strategists of the college recruiters and stakeholders to hold a joint cooperation to recruit and train graduates protocols.
2. Advisory Board of the unit:
It consists of the following agents college (for Education and Student Affairs, Community Affairs and the Environment Service, Graduate Studies)

Terms of reference of the Advisory Board of the unit:
- Discuss policies and plans that will achieve unity and to express an opinion in which the objectives and presented to the head of the unit for approval.
- Joint cooperation to improve the efficiency of graduates through the continuous development of internal training and field.
- Work to provide subsidized training opportunities for graduates and partnerships with different training views.
- A cooperation protocol with the relevant employers to ensure training opportunities and jobs for graduates.
- Discuss the problems faced by the graduates and to develop proposed solutions.
- Workshops with students, alumni and recruiters with the relationship to work on the continued development of specifications graduates to cope with the labor market requirements.
- Come up with recommendations on the functions of the Unit in the light of the results of previous discussions.
3. The Director of the Unit:
One of the faculty members to be appointed by decision of Prof. Dr. Dean of the College that is characterized by the following:
- Administrative efficiency.
- Ability to decision-making and problem solving.
- Skill planning.
- Skill regulation.
Terms of reference of Director of the Unit:
- Invite members of the unity of the meeting and management sessions.
- Overseeing the functioning of the unit and the conduct of its affairs.
- The implementation of policies and plans approved by the head of the unit.
- Communication with alumni through the College as well as the unit location on the social networking site.
- Overseeing the working of loneliness and guiding and monitoring their implementation of the tasks entrusted to them.
- Solve problems or the adjournment of the head of the unit of work necessary in case of necessity.
- Prepare a report at the end of each academic year, about what has been accomplished and what has not been done with the stated reasons.
4. member of a representative from each department of the college departments (accounting, auditing, business, sports, insurance, Economy and Finance)
A faculty member from each section body
Terms of reference for representatives of the sections:
- Attend Unity and opinion in the meetings of the issues raised
- To help solve the problems of the graduates in their fields.
- Connecting the Unit's recommendations regarding the development of the skills of graduates to the scientific departments to work to support those skills through the curriculum offered to students
5. representative government institutions:
Continuous communication with the unit to connect the standpoint of government institutions at the college graduate and work as a liaison between the college and government institutions to hold cooperation protocols in the areas of employment and training.
6. representative of the business:
One of the officials in Sadat City Investors Association
Terms of reference of representative business
- Continuous communication with the unit to help measure the level of efficiency of the graduates in the points in which they work.
- Work as a liaison between the college and businessmen to hold Agt and protocols of cooperation in the field of training and employment of graduates.
- Identification must be provided at the college graduate labor market requirements.
7. Student Affairs Director:
Terms of reference of the Director of Student Affairs:
- Supervision of the administrative and technical work within the unit and report on the performance of the unit coordinator of the Director of the unit periodically.
8. Unity Coordinator:
Employees enjoy efficient in dealing with computers and technology.
Terms of reference of the Unit Coordinator:
- Graduate Record data on their database.
- Register recruiters data in their database.
- Paperwork and administrative work of the unit's performance.
- Receive suggestions and complaints from alumni and submitted to the Director of the Unit.