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Enrollment Steps

Enrollment Steps

·         Original high school certificate, diploma or an official form. Regarding to non-Egyptians students, the form must be documented from his/her affiliated Embassy in Egypt.

·         Original of Birth certificate

·         6 personal photos

·         ID copy

·         Military status (Egyptians Only)

·         Bachelor's degree or what equivalent, if student got a certificate higher than the high school one, and should provide his high school certificate or diploma.

·         A transcript estimated degrees of his previous studied courses at the Institute, in order to exempt him from studying the same courses.

·         Enrollment application

Military forces:

·         According students: take the approval from the Military forces training center.

·         According for lower degree:  A statement letter from the Military records.

Police authority:

·         According Officers: approval from the Officers affairs-the Ministry of Interior.

·         According for lower degree:  A statement letter from the Ministry of Interior.