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the students

Reception of new students

1. Before the beginning of the school year

 Reception of new students coming from the Coordination Office

1. After the emergence of coordination as a result of going to college student and his nomination for the signature card medical examination at the specified time limit which declares the faculty.

2. After a medical examination, and appears as a result of disclosure of the student taking the authorized payment of the band responsible for the repayment treasury college.

3. Students heading receipt evidencing the payment to the First Division is responsible, along with a photograph and identification to inform the work of the college card Received by the the very next day.

  2. With the beginning of the school year

 1. meetings for first year students with the Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs and president of the students union to introduce students and faculty scientific departments and its affiliated farm


2. Extract the university card "Carne student" - providing Receipt payment of fees for the school year to the band administrator.

- Provide personal photo of the student with personal identification to inform

- The card is delivered as soon as their access to the printing press