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Apologies for the entry exams

If a student fails the exam compelling excuse accepted by the College Board is not calculated his absence Fail condition that increases the chances of failure or not consecutive years during the study altogether and may, if necessary, by decision of the University Council granted a third chance for the student.

                                                                                                                                                  Excuses satisfactory:

1. The student progress of the Department of Education and Student Affairs requests to apologize for the entry exams before the start of the examinations, during or after the duration of no more than two days in favor of sick certificates required for disease student after presenting them to the Medical Committee to decide whether or not to adopt an excuse.

       2. No one may accept excuses satisfactory two days of the end of the exams dates of the end of the year in any case after

       3. If the student's sudden illness was injured while performing the exam in one of the articles can accept his apology for the exam performance in that article if the doctor acknowledged that the Commission and adopted the report of the chairman of the examination committee.

       4. shall not adopt sick certificates by the students who are sent out of the country, but whether those certificates issued by one of the hospitals documented and certified by the competent Egyptian authorities.

5. can call for military service or reserve of excuses considered unsatisfactory if the call was immediately before the exam or during the student and provides what is useful for the management of the college.

B - Social excuses:

The College Board as well as to consider the social excuses for exam performance in the following cases: -

1. The death of a relative up to the third degree.

2. sudden disasters on exam day or the day before.

3. accompany a relative to the third degree for treatment abroad.

The student and all the official documents on the fact that the function of these excuses and displays the Faculty Council for approval.