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the students

Registration university conditions


Students under

(- College students are under after collecting his papers perform medical examination and  personal exam or Pretesting capacity and the performance of the prescribed fees and determine the position of student recruitment

- Is in the colleges for each student file containing all the papers relating to application and in particular: -

1. papers submitted for registration

2. Flash conditions scholarships to students and their dates (registration, examinations, results and estimates)

1. statement penalties imposed on him, if any

2. aspects of sports activities, social and military student

. The special register each student write down a statement by the contents of the Public as well as the date of his release from the university and caused his work after graduation This record shall be kept of the two images, one in college and the other in the public administration university (Article 64 of the executive )

*** *** Student Admissions

Supreme Council of Universities determines at the end of each academic year, at the suggestion councils universities after taking the opinion of the various boards of a number of students from colleges ARE sons who accept in each faculty or institute in the academic year following among the recipients of General Certificate of Secondary or at certification equation

And determines the Supreme Council of Universities number of students who accept each college is

ARE sons and issued by accepting the decision of the Minister of Higher Education (Article 74 of the executive )

** Students are one of the ways the nomination

A- Admissions Office coordinate the universities and higher institutions, the spectrum for students Egyptians on the High School of the Arab Republic of Egypt, or from one of the Arab countries

(B) management of public arrivals for students non-Egyptians.

Accepted to universities and institutes affiliated and Upper recycled and medium of the Ministry of Higher Education or supervised by students Holders: -: -

(1) High School and its equivalent: -

And acceptance is the order of degrees of success, taking into account the geographical distribution as determined by the Supreme Council of Universities and after taking the opinion of the boards of universities and college boards through the Office for the Coordination of acceptance (Article 77 of the )

(2) accepted in the Faculty of Commerce obtaining a high school diploma and in agricultural colleges Holders of agricultural secondary school certificate and in the faculties of Engineering Holders of industrial certificate secondary and in the Higher Institute of Nursing Holders of secondary industrial and agricultural school diploma in the people of teacher preparation technical education colleges, the spectrum in accordance with the Balrot set by the Supreme Council of universities after taking the opinion of the boards designated universities

(3) The degree or bachalorya and lissans

Equivalent sections BA or BS in colleges or other institutions or departments or other people at the same college or institute under the conditions stipulated by the internal regulations and institutions (Providing students of universities directly informed that acceptance passports) and  It issued the adoption of a resolution of acceptance of the university president or his designee from deputies. (Article 77 of the executive ) *

** Opportunities constraint years **

- A student may not remain the band more than two years and may be the College Board license for students who have spent  two years in advance to the exam from abroad in the following year of the decisions Rspo of where the spectrum except for the band middle school students and the first in colleges, which do not have a Band Elementary..

- - The College Council may on the foregoing Granting concessions for students of the band before the final and the final two opportunities to apply for additional exam from abroad.

- If a student fails the final band in which no more than half of the decisions of this band or in the one scheduled at colleges where he taught one course in the final year of the spectrum apart from the various courses of teams predecessor licensed to the exam until the escape.