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the students

curative services

University students of Sadat City enable to take advantage of the medical services provided by the medical management of the university through:

• disclosure to the students at an outpatient administration
• treatment Exchange of pharmacy administration free of charge
• x_ray place
• Dental Section
- Average filler
- Nerve stuffing
- Dental
• medical analysis laboratory
• Emergency Clinic operates 24 hours
• ambulance to transport students
• Post treatment costs for students who were treated to special circumstances outside the medical management

Hospitals and laboratories: -

Due to the recent establishment of the University of Sadat City and the lack of university hospitals so far, the university, the Medical Department contracted with private hospitals and laboratories to serve Sadat City University students, including:

• one-day surgery
• university students Hospital Shebin El Kom
• Hermel Hospital Sadat

Labs and radiology centers

• laboratory plant Sadat
• Ibn Sina plant Sadat
• Habib Radiology Center CT resonance Shebeen
• Center Aster X-Sadat City