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the students

Conditions apply for membership of the committees councils unions

The formation of student unions from college systems students and students enrolled affiliation directed them to obtain the degree of Bachelor ,, and Whoever apply for candidacy for membership of the committees councils unions
1. enjoying the nationality of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
2. fair in judging moral character values, and reputable.
3. a new student in his band.
4. putting the tuition fees.
5. an active and ongoing activity in the committees of the Commission's work, which run in them.
6. has never signed by any of the sanctions provided for in article "183" of the Regulations of Law No. 49 of 1972 on the organization of universities, or decide to drop or cessation of membership of one of the student associations or committees.
7.'ve never given a custodial sentence of freedom.
Students are eligible to sign up and open education, and expatriates, and graduate students who paid their tuition fees for the academic aspects of the exercise activity, may not be a distinction between students because of race, religion or color.
* Shall be valid election committees consortia of colleges and institutes students at least 50% of the students who have the right to elections in each school band on alone if the number is not complete postpone the elections until the next day, and in this case it is necessary for the election to attend at least 20% of the electorate, if not complete number appointed dean of the college, or institute representatives of the committees of these teams study.
If this is not the composition of the Federation of college students, or institute appointed dean of the faculty, or a council to administer the affairs of the Union Institute includes elements of outstanding students to study in the Union who have met the conditions of nomination activities.
8. Special Union without the right to vote or run for office.
Councils are elected union committees annually over a maximum period of eight weeks from the start of the study each year and issue a decision by the president of the university, or institute definition of the detailed deadlines for the elections of different levels, and are not entitled to any student cast a vote only if the striking duties