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the students

Committees of student unions

The Commission on Groups: competent to organize and promote the formation of Groups, and to support its activities in all fields, and coordination among them.

2. Commission sporting activity: specializes in organizing, promoting sports activities, and the formation of sports teams in order to develop sports talents.

3. Cultural activity committee and Media: and specializes in organizing aspects of cultural activity, and the media, and the development of awareness of the nation's issues, including entrench the concepts of citizenship, democracy, and the culture of human rights, and community participation, public work, and the development of students' creative energies, cultural, and media.

4. The Committee on Art Activity: specializes in organizing artistic activities for students to highlight their talents and hone artistic creations.

5. Commission phones and public service: specializes in the support of Scouting and participate in public service projects, and implementation of programs to serve the environment and society.

6. To the Committee on Social Activity and trips : specializes in organizing trips, social and camps, and cultural, recreational in order to develop social ties, and transmit the spirit of cooperation between students, faculty, and staff, and the provision of social support for those unable materially and morally.

7. Commission scientific and technological activity: specializes in holding seminars, scientific lectures with the aim of scientific capacity development, technology, production and dissemination of knowledge, and the application through science clubs, scientific societies