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the students

The goals of the Student Union

Targets student unions following: -

Student unions are legitimate organizations representing college students in Egypt aims to achieve the following:

1. The development of spiritual values, the moral, and the consolidation of national and national consciousness and uphold the value of belonging and loyalty, and to deepen the foundations of Aldemmqratih and human rights, and citizenship among students and teamwork while ensuring express their views in the framework of university traditions and customs.

2. it hones the talents of students and develop their abilities and skills, and employment for the benefit of students and educational foundation, and the nation.

3. The composition of families and scientific associations and clubs with organizing style to take advantage of the energies and skills of students, and work to support their activities, and the development of creative abilities.

4. Organization of student activities, sports, social and scout, technical, cultural, technological, and others. And broaden participation and engage students base, and encourage perfect them